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How to setup CLI credentials in Netsight Console

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TitleHow to setup CLI credentials in Netsight Console
To setup CLI credentials in Netsight Console to be used for scripting access.
Netsight Console

  • Tools > Authorization/Device Access
  • Select Profiles Credentials Tab
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  • At the bottom half of the window select CLI Credentials
  • Click on add button

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  • Create a new credential with a meaningful name. Here I selected EWC Profile and its associated default username and password
  • EWC will require the Configuration password to be set.

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  • Now instead of adding to a default profile, I will create a new one just for EWC devices
  • Note I changed the Profile Name and selected the EWC Profile credential.

User-added image\
  • Note the creation of the EWC_V1_profile listed with the default profiles.
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  • Now we need to change the Profile for (EWC Device) to correct Profile
  • Select device, hit edit icon.
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  • Change Profile to EWC_V1_Profile
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  • Click Enforce button
  • Click OK button
  • Click Refresh button to make sure the device is still accessible (still have green icon in left window)
  • Scroll right with your profile window to note CLI Credential for device
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  • You can now hit close and test a script to the device.

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