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How to setup Location Batch Reporting to show Non-Associated Clients

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TitleHow to setup Location Batch Reporting to show Non-Associated Clients
  • How to configure the Location Engine to send information to Extreme Management Console and Maps to show location of Non-Associated Clients. 
  • How to setup batch reporting to show clients that are not associated to the wireless solution.
  • This may be used to track clients that are in IdentiFi Wi-Fi coverage areas but not actually attached to the wireless solution. 
  • ExtremeWireless
  • IdentiFi
  • Firmware 10.01.02 or higher (not supported in lower versions)
  • Batch Reporting
  • Location Engine 
  1. Login to the wireless appliance management GUI (https://<ip of controller>:5825)
  2. Select on the Radar Tab on the top task options
  3. Open the Location Engine Tab from the left hand side options
  4. Select the Location Engine Settings Tab
  5. Select Locate All:
User-added image
  1. Select Save
  2. To also send this data to a different URL, select the Location Batch Reporting Tab
  3. Enable it, and click the add button
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  1. The Destination URL is a web site where the wireless appliance, via the Management port, will post the .xml that contains all the information (it is not sent to OneView)
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  1. The .xml will look something like:
User-added image
  1. Further details on configuring this server are shown in the Wireless Integration Guide
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