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How to setup NAC integration in Purview

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TitleHow to setup NAC integration in Purview
To setup NAC integration into Purview to get data from Purview appliance regarding hostname, location and device family.
  • NAC Appliance
  • Purview Appliance
  • NAC Manager
  • Oneview

First, from NAC Manager:
Go To tools->Options->NAC Manager Options->Click on Advanced Settings
From Advanced Setting Window, Enable Distributed End System Cache checkbox, click on reload button->Click OK
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From Oneview Applications Tab
Expand each Purview appliance->Select Advanced Configuration->Select the Enable NAC Integration Option or Access Control Integration
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Scroll to bottom and save
Enforce Purview Appliance ->Click on Overview->Click On Gear Icon if arrow is orange, and then Enforce.

For more infomation on Enforcing an appliance see How to Enforce a Purview Appliance


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