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How to setup NetSight to use Gmail

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TitleHow to setup NetSight to use Gmail
Setup NetSight to send email using Gmail and also Microsoft Office 365
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • Inventory Manager
  • NAC Manager
  • Policy Manager
  • Automated Security Manager
1.  Edit the file NetSight_Install_Directory/NetSight/appdata/ on the NetSight server:

2a.  If SSL Authentication to GMAIL is desired, add the following lines to the end of the file:

2b. If TLS Authentication to GMAIL is desired, add the following lines to the end of the file:

3.  Save the changes.

4.  Restart the NetSight server services. 
Additional notes

NOTE: If there are trailing spaces at the end of each of the configuration lines this configuration will not work.

With trailing spaces you may see behavior where the test email is registered as "success", but no actual email is sent from the NetSight server and no SMTP traffic is seen sourced for the ethernet port.

Make sure that each line does NOT include a trailing space

Notes on Gmail account settings
We have found that the following needs to be set currently in order for Netsight to login to the account directly.
If this is not entered, java authentication error will occur when the 'test email' button is hit. See below

User-added image

To address this

From Gmail
1. Go to My account
2. Go to Sign In and Security
User-added image
3. Scroll to bottom, look for "Allow Less Secure Apps"
4. Toggle from OFF to ON
User-added image

Further information on allowing less secure apps in Google, can be found here:



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