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How to setup a new account on the ExtremeCloud wireless solution.

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TitleHow to setup a new account on the ExtremeCloud wireless solution.
How to setup a new account on the ExtremeCloud wireless solution.
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Confirm all of the prerequisites have been met. - What are the prerequisites for deploying my access point with the ExtremeCloud solution?
  1. Locate your Welcome email from Extreme Networks, and click the link provided to create your Default Administrator account. Note: Accounts are created in a disabled state and the owner of the account is sent an email that contains a link that must be clicked to activate the account. If the link was not clicked within 8 hours of the email being sent, for security reasons we require a manual action to activate the first account if it is not activated via the link within 8 hours.

Dear Customer,

Extreme Networks would like to welcome you to the ExtremeWorks family of service solutions, designed to help you protect your network investment and support your business goals.

The following Support Program has been activated:
Contract/Agreement Number : 4-xxxxxxxxx
Agreement start date (mm/dd/yyyy) : 03/07/2016 
Agreement end date (mm/dd/yyyy) : 03/06/2017 
Purchase Number: 
Entitlement Type: EW CLOUD TAC & OS 

To activate an ExtremeCloud™ management account for this contract, please go to:

Login or create an account at Extreme Support website
✓ Submit/Manage Case or RMA
○ Case status 
○ Print Return Waybill 

✓ Review My Company’s: 
○ Assets 
○ Entitlement 
○ Warranty 

✓ Review Documentation: 
○ Product Literature 
○ Known issues 
○ Field Notices 
○ Product Change Notices 

✓ Download Software Updates 
✓ Product Registration 
For Extreme’s Sales and Support Terms and Conditions, please visit 
If you are having difficulties logging in Extreme Support Web site, please visit to view our local support center contact numbers. 
In order to provide you with the highest level of support, please verify accuracy of the attached service contract detail report. 
If there are any concerns/questions regarding the details of this service contract, please contact us within 10 days of receiving the contract at
For service renewal or service upgrade please contact: 
•	Asia Pacific = 
•	Europe = 
•	Latin America = 
•	U.S. and Canada =
Note: The email will go to the account email listed under your contract paperwork:

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  1. In the web page that opens, enter the service contract number from the Welcome email. The Default Administrator Account window opens.
  2. Enter an email address as the user ID  (PLEASE NOTE: Email addresses are unique within the system. The email address used by Admin credentials can only exist in one account at a time).
  3. Set a password, security question and answer, select "Submit".
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  1. When the Default Administrator account activation email arrives ( from, click the activation link. The account activation page opens in your web browser.

Example Email:
Dear Administrator: 
You recently created an ExtremeCloud administrator account for 
To confirm the email address and activate your account, 
please click this link: 
If you cannot access this link, copy and paste the entire URL into your browser. Please be aware that this link is good for only 8 hours. Please activate your account as soon as possible. 

The ExtremeCloud Team
  1. Select OK to go to the Login page. 
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  1. Login, then proceed connecting your access point. 
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