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How to setup a point to point link between VDX's in a fabric

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TitleHow to setup a point to point link between VDX's in a fabric
To enable a iBGP connection between two VDX's in a fabric to enable the sharing of BGP routes between routers connected as eBGP neighbors to each VDX.
  • VDX
  • NOS
  • VCS fabric
  • Logical chassis
  1. Type conf t
  2. Type interface <INTERFACE NAME>"
  3. Type no fabric isl enable,
  4. Type no fabric trunk enable
  5. Type fabric neighbor-discovery disable
  6. Apply the required IP addresses to the interfaces
  7. Configure your iBGP neighbourship
Additional notes
When two VDX's with the same VCS ID and different RBridge ID's are connected they will always form a fabric. NOS does not support IP addresses on ISL's so all fabric features must be disabled to stop the formation of an ISL on connected ports. This way you can share L3 routing information between VDX's but also take advantage of the features of a VCS fabric.



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