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How to setup an IdentiFi thin access point for site survey mode.

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TitleHow to setup an IdentiFi thin access point for site survey mode.
  • Site Survey Mode
  • Wireless RF Survey
  • Standalone Mode
  • IdentiFi Wireless Access Points - All Models
  • Firmware All
  1. Attach the access point that will be used for survey mode to an ExtremeWireless Controller.
  2. Configure the access point with a demo VNS, WLAN-Service, Default Role Allow All, and set the country (if applicable).
  3. Assign the Role to a Bridge at AP Topology untagged.
  4. Set both radios to a desired channel and max power.
  5. In the AP properties enable (with a check mark) Maintain client sessions in the event of a poll failure and Restart service in the absence of a controller.
  6. Confirm the access point has the configuration and the SSID's are advertising out in the air.
  7. Power down the access point and bring it to the desired location for the survey, power the unit up (single PoE injector).

The access point will advertise out the last known good configuration it had before the power down. This should allow someone to use the access point to take survey readings. If any changes are needed, the access point should be booted back up where it can access the controller again to pull down any new changes.
Additional notes
Extreme Networks does not offer a standalone access point. All Extreme's access points need to be configured by a controller first. The above settings will kind of make the access point standalone by not requiring the tether back to a controller after reboot. 
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