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How to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to access Netsight for specific users groups and privileges

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TitleHow to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to access Netsight for specific users groups and privileges
An overview to use Authorization and Device access to allow specific users to use Netsight, and specific applications within Netsight.
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1.  To begin, start by selecting Tools->Authorization and Device Access or selecting the following icon. User-added image
The following window appears.
User-added image
The Users/Groups Tab is used to allow access to the Netsight application itself. It is the mechanism and setup for allowing username and password authentication, and rights, to select user groups to access Netsights services.
This tool/tab can be used to create certain user groups and users who have specific rights to access only certain applications and functionality within Netsight.

The default user is root, and is assigned Netsight Administrator, giving them full access to all of Netsight's features.
Below, I have selected some settings to minimize capabilities of test ro groups ability to change settings of devices. Test ro is a custom group.

Note that there are no users currently assigned to the 'test ro' group

2.  To do this, we use the 'Add User' settings in under the Users/Group Window
User-added image

3.  Note: One needs to setup the password on the underlying OS for this to work, for linux Netsight appliances, the following will work.
adduser testro

4.  One now should be able to gain access to the Netsight appliance. Once can also work with a backend Radius or LDAP database for user authentication, which will not  be discussed              here.
     But if they are selected, but sure to have a OS fallback in the event of a problem with the LDAP or Radius servers. Configure in checkbox as seen below.

User-added image

5.  In the Add Group Window, we can limit the users ability to access certain applications, or specific functionality within applications.
User-added image

6.  It is important after these settings are made, to logout of the Administrator role used to create them, and login with the 'testro' or other user/role you have created to make sure that the access they have is indeed limited.

Additional notes
In version 8x the Groups and users are added from the Administration > Users tab

Add Authorization Group in 8x

Add User in 8X



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