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How to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to create credentials and profiles to connect to devices

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TitleHow to setup and Use Netsight Authorization/Device Access to create credentials and profiles to connect to devices
To discuss the uses of Netsight's Authorization and Device Access to set up a Profile with credentials and assign it to a device.
Netsight All versions
From Console, select Tools->Authorization/Device Access or hit the User-added image  icon.
Select The Profiles/Device Access Tab.
Something similar to the following is displayed.
User-added image

Editing Profiles and Credentials

These tabs set up specific combinations of SNMP settings and CLI credentials to allow specific access to devices to the assigned profile.
There are three default credentials for SNMPV1,V2,V3 use. You can also create your own, and is recommended for your unique username and passwords.

For our example, we will add in a SNMP V1 user as it is a simple one. We will then add CLI credentials to it, so Netsight can login and perform any needed script activity.

Before creating the Profile, it's important to create the credentials first.
1.  So lets start with adding an SNMP credential for an Extreme Wireless Controller.
2.  So Select the Profiles/Credentials Tab-> SNMP Credentials ->Click Add Credential
User-added image

Note I have elected the checkbox for showing the password (the default one on device).

3. Next we set up the CLI credential.
This is so Netsight can SSH or Telnet to the device to run any needed CLI commands.
Click on Profiles/Credentials/CLI Credentials->Add or Edit (if previously made) credential.

User-added image

Now that we have credentials, we can set up the Profile to use.
4.  Click on Add or Edit Profile
      We add a name in for the credential and then set the SNMP settings and CLI settings.
User-added image

Now that it is applied, it should be shown under the Profile/Credentials Tab.
User-added image
At this point, the credentials still does nothing. It has to be applied to a device to be useful.
5.  So next, we click on the Profile/Device Mapping
6.  Select the device you want to assign a profile to, highlighting in the Available Devices window. (see below pic)
7.  Next, Click on the Set button in arrow #1.
8.  Select the Profile to use for the device by selecting as pointed to by arrow #2.

User-added image

9.  Once this is changed, it is important to use Refresh Devices button to make sure that the device remains reachable via Netsight.
      If not, there is an inconsistency of credentials set on the device versus what is set in Netsight.
User-added image
At this point you can close the tab. The device is contactable using the new profile.

User-added image

Additional notes
To do the following with Extreme Management Center, please see the following

How to setup a Profile for SNMP and CLI credentials in Extreme Management Center



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