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How to setup interface and device statistics collection for OneVIew

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TitleHow to setup interface and device statistics collection for OneVIew
Setup OneView to gather statistics for devices that are modeled in NetSight.
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • Oneview
You will need and NMS-xxx license in order to collect statistics (NMS-BASE-xx licenses do not support stats collection).

There are several ways to collect Device Statistics

1.  Right click on a device in Console from the Device Tree and click OneView > Collect Device Statistics
2.  Right click on a device from OneView > Devices and click Collect Device Statistic.

Ctrl and Shift keys can be used to select multiple devices (of the same type) at once.

There are several ways to collect Interface Statistics with OneView. 

1.  Using the Interface Summary FlexView
     a)  Highlight the device(s) in the Device Tree that you wish to collect stats on.  
     b)  Change to the Interface summary tab on the right.  If this tab is not present then look for the tab after ACL Manager.  This is a FlexView tab and you will be able to open the Interface Summary FlexView            from there.  
     c)  Click the green Retrieve button in the upper right of Interface Summary FlexView.  This will retrieve the interface information from the devices that were selected.
     d)  Select the interfaces you want to collect stats on (you can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple), right click and select OneView > Collect Interface Statistics.

2.  Using OneView itself
     a)  Start OneView.
     b)  Select the Device tab.  
     c)  Drill into the device in question.
     d)  Select the interfaces you want to collect stats on (you can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys to select multiple), Also when selecting these interfaces you will want to select then to the far right in the list                    else you will pull up the interface stats.  
     e)  Right click on the interface that you want to collect data on and select Collect Interface Stats.

When enabling the stats you will have 3 options:

1. Historical - Save statistics in the database and aggregate over time.  Use this mode to OneView Reports and Threshold alarms.
2.  Monitor - Save the statistics for 1 hour and then drop.  user this mode for threshold alarms
3.  Disable - No statistics are collect

Visual Overview
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You can view this information several ways in OneView:

From the Devices tab:
1.  Select the Devices tab in OneView.
2.  Drill into the device in question and then click on the port.

From the Reports tab:
1.  Click on the Reports > Custom Reports.
2.  From here you can select what you want to see and how far back you want to see it.
3.  There is also a button in the upper right that you can use to export the information.

Once Interface statistics are enabled to can then setup Alarm Manager to provide notifications when a certain threshold is met.
See the following video on setting this up.

OneView will, by default,  use SNMP to query the stats every 15 minutes.  This can be changed:

1.  Select the Administration tab in Oneview.
2.  Make sure that you are in the Diagnostics section.
3.  Click Historical Statistics Collector > Statistic Collect Configuration.  You will see a list of all devices that stats are being collected on.
4.  Select the device(s) in question and then click Edit near the top left.  You will be able to change the SNMP timeout and retries along with the poll rates for device and interface stats.
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