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How to shutdown an N/S/K-Series module using the OFFLINE/RESET Button

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TitleHow to shutdown an N/S/K-Series module using the OFFLINE/RESET Button
  • How to shutdown an N/S/K-Series module using OFFLINE/RESET Button
  • Processes on chassis are moved over gracefully to other running blades without interruption
  • N-Series
  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • All firmware versions
  1. Press or tap on its OFFLINE/RESET button on the blade for less than one second.
  2. The module CPU LED changes from solid green to blinking between green and amber, indicating that the module is shutting down.
  3. At the end of the shutdown routine, the CPU LED changes to a 67%/33% sequence of amber/off, respectively, indicating the system is in a halt state at which this time it is safe to remove the module or power down the chassis
  4. When you initiate a controlled shutdown with the OFFLINE/RESET button, you have 60 seconds from the time the CPU LED starts flashing amber/off until the device automatically restarts
Additional notes
  • Functionality of this button cannot be disabled
    • This procedure can be used for either blade replacement or for planned power down of chassis
  • When replacing a blade or slot, ensure same model number be installed, otherwise configuration will not be maintained



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