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How to switch AP personality to WiNG or Identify in a Centralized or Distributed deployment (XCA / XCC)

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TitleHow to switch AP personality to WiNG or Identify in a Centralized or Distributed deployment (XCA / XCC)
To switch AP personality between WiNG and Identify for deployment in either a Distributed or Centralized environment. 
  • AP510
  • AP505
  • AP460
  • WiNG (Distributed mode)
  • Identify (Centralized Mode)
  • FW: 7.x
  • SSH
  • CLI
  • Console port: Baud rate (speed): 115200 
  • XCA Extreme Cloud Appliance
  • XCC Extreme Campus Controller
(Steps A, B and C are for switching personality from WiNG to Identify. Step D is for switching from Identify to WiNG)

A -
 Right out of the box, the AP5xx (505/510/460) series APs boot up into "Discovery Mode"; however, the existence of any WiNG devices in the same broadcast domain will cause them to automatically switch over to the WiNG personality (only applies to APs with firmware version prior to and thus preventing them from working in a centralized ExtremeCloud deployment. If this happens, please follow these steps to switch them back to the Identify CLI and configure them for adoption using the correct interface:
  1. Make sure the AP os powered up BUT not connected to your corporate network (completely segregated) 
  2. Reset the AP by pressing the reset button for about 20 seconds. 
  3. Log in using the following credentials:
  • Login as: admin
  • Password: admin123
  1. Once logged in, the AP should be in discovery mode:
AP adoption discovery process in progress...
To cancel and boot in Standalone mode, type (s):
  1. You have the following boot up options to choose from:
  • Type "s" for Standalone. This will boot the unit back up into WiNG 
  • Type "CCC" for Centralized. This will boot the AP up into Identify
  • Type "PPP" for service personnel. This will bring up the AP shell which can be used to perform an upgrade
  1. Type "CCC" to boot the AP up into Identify:
AP adoption discovery process in progress...
To cancel and boot in Standalone mode, type (s):CCC

AP booting in Centralized mode...
  1. At this point, check to make sure that the AP is pulling the correct DHCP IP address and VID (VLAN id). If not, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:
  • To verify IP address and VID information:
# cget config global | grep -i vid
# cget config global | grep -i ip
#cset factory
The AP will automatically reboot and pull a DHCP IP address. Verify that the AP can ping the ExtremeCloud appliance and vice versa. 
  1. Log back into the AP to point it to the ExtremeCloud appliance:
#Cset authipaddr 1 <ip of ExtremeCloud Appliance>
  1. Once rebooted, check to see if the AP has been adopted and that the correct IP address information acquired:
# cget config global | grep -i ip
dnsIpAddress 1
dnsIpAddress 2
wipsMode 0
authIpAddr 1
failover bmIp [1] Home
High Throughput HT capability for WEP and TKIP is disable (0)

B - Should the reset button method not work for some reason and the APs are still booting straight up into WiNG (distributed mode) without providing you with the option to select their personality, please try the following:
  1. Make sure that there are no other WiNG APs or controllers in the same broadcast domain. If those are on you network, make sure that the one you are about to reset is completely segregated (use power injector if possible or PoE switch not connected to network).
Note: If the AP detects MINT packets, it will automatically boot back up into WiNG after a few seconds of being reset (only applies to APs with firmware version prior to  
  1. Power up the AP and log in via console port
  2. At login prompt use the following credentials:
Login: resetDeep
The following warning will appear:
!!WARNING!!: Logging in as 'resetDeep' will reset the personality and clear all configuration and user 
data under "flash:", and reboot the system. Press Ctrl-C to cancel
Password: FactoryDefaultDeep   (this is hidden when typing)
  1. After the AP has rebooted, login using the following credentials:
login: admin
Password: admin123 (this is hidden when typing)
  1. At this point you should get to the "AP adoption discovery process..." option, type "CCC" to boot the AP into Centralized mode. 
AP adoption discovery process in progress...
To cancel and boot in Standalone mode, type (s):CCC

C - If you could not catch the "AP adoption discovery process..." option during the factory reset, please try the following:
  1. Console to Wing AP
  2. Enter Login: resetDeep
  3. Enter password: FactoryDefaultDeep
  4. set-personality IdentiFi
  5. commit write memory
  6. reload
  7. confirm you can ping the XCA/XCC
  8.  You may still have to hard code the XCA/XCC ip:
    1. cset authIpAddr 1 <IP of XCA/XCC>
    2. capply
    3. csave
    4. reboot
  9. When you see the yellow triangle of the AP in the XCA/XCC, assign it to a site
D - To switch the AP personality from Identify to WiNG please follow these steps:
  1. SSH into the AP 
  2. Run the following commands:
#cset personality distributed
#AP personality successfully set. Please factory default the AP
#cset factory
  1. Once reset, the AP will boot straight up into WiNG

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