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How to synchronize custom trustpoint across WiNG deployment?

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TitleHow to synchronize custom trustpoint across WiNG deployment?
When you are deploying custom digital certificate across your network, you may use commands mentioned below.
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
  • ExtremeWireless WiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWireless WiNG Access Points
  • WiNG 5 Software
Following command will help you sync trustpoint and/or EAP-TLS X.509 (PKCS#12) certificate between the staging-controller and adopted access points.

When enabling file syncing, consider the following points:
  • The X.509 certificate needs synchronization only if the access point is configured to use EAP-TLS authentication.
  • Execute the command on the controller adopting the access points.
  • Ensure that the X.509 certificate file is installed on the controller.
To upload the file to adopting controller
VX# file-sync load-file trustpoint <name> ftp://username:password@IP/<filename>
     CONTROLLER         STATUS                        MESSAGE
  VX                Success          Successfully initiated load file

Then you deploy the trustpoint over the network or to a specific rf-domain
VX# file-sync trustpoint <name> all | rf-domain <name>

VX# show file-sync status

In order to automatically upload the trustpoint to adopted devices you may enable auto-sync
(config-profile-default-vx9000)# file-sync auto
(config-profile-default-vx9000)# file-sync count - Set concurrent device sync limit

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