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How to test email functionality in Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to test email functionality in Extreme Management Center
To test email functionality from Extreme Management Center
  • Extreme Management Center
  • SMTP
First, Check  that you have enabled your mail settings.

Click on Administration Tab->Options->SMTP Email->Email
Verify the sending address, outgoing SMTP server and password settings are correct

Select Alarm and Events Tab->Alarm Configuration->Highlight the alarm you wish to transmit an email from. Double click OR select edit from menu.

An Alarm Configuration window should appear.
1. Select Actions
2. Add or verify the action of sending an email. Select Send and highlight.
3. Click on Test
User-added image

You should now see a "Test Executed" Box appear. It will either fail or pass here. The dialogue in the box may vary depending on the specific configuration.

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Additional notes

For configuration using the Java client, please see How to test NetSight Email functionality



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