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How to test the sending of SNMP Traps.

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TitleHow to test the sending of SNMP Traps.
With the SNMP trap level set to WARNING, how to test the sending of SNMP Traps.
  • VDX all platforms
  • NOS all versions
There is no specific command for test triggering of an SNMP Trap, but triggering any event that results in the recording of a WARNING level message in "show logging raslog" will result in the sending of an SNMP Trap. For example, temporarily changing the configured NTP Server to a dummy IP address that isn't an NTP server will trigger WARNING level NTP failure messages. Intentionally entering the wrong password too many times in too short a period while trying to connect over telnet or SSH will also trigger WARNING level messages. You can also check "show logging raslog | include WARNING" for events local to your device that are easy to trigger.
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