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How to troubleshoot loss of SNMP

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TitleHow to troubleshoot loss of SNMP
How to troubleshoot loss of SNMP
  • Securestack
  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • N-Series
    • All Firmware
  • Try a query from MIB tools to rule out Netsight
  • Unable to ping the switch from NetSight, then will not get SNMP information
  • Check the following items:
  • show host vlan
    show vlan portinfo port (uplink)      Make sure both sides match  
  • Review the port counters to determine if this is a PC issue that is causing the uplink to send out pauses
  • show port flowcontrol
    show txqmonitor flowcontrol 
  • Use lldp to assist you in learning the neighbors VLAN's  
  • show lldp port remote-info (uplink)   Shows the VLAN that is talking between switches 
  • Superuser account prevents rw accounts from seeing the community names
  • View the "show snmp counters", in order to see there is any SNMP communication,  and if incrementing at one time, have they now stopped? 
B3(rw)->show snmp  counters
--- mib2 SNMP group counters:
snmpInPkts = 0
snmpOutPkts = 0
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