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How to upgrade EXOS from a USB flash drive

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TitleHow to upgrade EXOS from a USB flash drive
If an EXOS switch has a USB port, a new EXOS image can be installed from USB rather than by downloading from the network.
  • EXOS All
  • Switch with a USB port
  1. Format the file system on the USB drive as FAT
  2. Place the EXOS image in the root of the drive
  3. Insert the USB drive into the USB port of the switch
  4. Install the image with the command download image memorycard <filename>
  5. Reboot the switch for the upgrade to take effect. Reboot the system for the upgrade to take effect: Type reboot, then when asked if you want to reboot the switch now, type yes.

To verify step 3, the command show memorycard shows whether a removable storage device is present on the switch:

x670-Stack # show memorycard
Memorycard is present.
Additional notes
For general information on upgrading EXOS, see How to Obtain and Upgrade EXOS

Note that the Summit X440-G2 and Summit X620 USB ports are not supported in EXOS 21.1. Support for USB ports on the X440-G2 and X620 will be added in a future release.

Update: In some newer firmware versions the "download image memorycard" command does not exist anymore.
In this case the upgrade can still be done from a USB flash drive, by issuing "install image /usr/local/ext/<firmware>.xos", however please be aware that EXOS will remove the image-file after issuing the install command, so if you want to keep the image on the USB flash drive, it's better to first copy it to the switch.
This can be done by issuing "cp /usr/local/ext/<filename>.xos /usr/local/tmp " to copy the file from the USB drive to the internal storage, and then run the install from the internal storage intead: "install image /usr/local/tmp/<firmware>.xos".



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