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How to upgrade EXOS on a Summit Stack

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TitleHow to upgrade EXOS on a Summit Stack
How to upgrade EXOS on a Summit Stack
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  1. Login to the master node of the stack.
  2. Verify that each node are running off the same partition (primary or secondary) and that the master and backup node are "In Sync"
    1. Type "show switch" to verify what partition is running on the master and backup slot.
  3. Download the appropriate EXOS image.
    1. How to Obtain and download EXOS
  4. Place the EXOS image on a TFTP server.
    1. How to install a TFTP server in Windows
  5. Ensure that you are able to ping the TFTP server  from the switch from the appropriate virtual router. What is a Virtual Router? 
Example ping commands:
  • ping vr vr-Mgmt <host>   IP of the tftp server
  • ping vr vr-Default <host> IP of the tftp server
  1. Once verifying the TFTP server is reachable, remember that VR when you download the image in the next step.
  2. Download the image to the switch/stack using this command:
    •  "download image <tftp-server-IP-Address> <filename.xos> [vr <virtual-router>] [partition]".
    • Partition does not need to be specified and the only destination partition can be the other than the running image is installed on. So if the switch uses the primary partition for the current image you can only download the new image to the secondary partition. Leaving partition from the cli it will automatically choose the other partition.
  3. Reboot the entire stack for the upgrade to take effect: Type "reboot", then when asked if you want to reboot the switch now, type "yes".
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