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How to upgrade IdentiFi Wireless AP firmware manually via TFTP through AP CLI

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TitleHow to upgrade IdentiFi Wireless AP firmware manually via TFTP through AP CLI
How do I upgrade firmware of AP manually when not able to do so via the wireless controller.
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • All firmware versions
  • Access Point
  • TFTP
  1. Typically you would not need to manually upgrade an access point unless you were asked by someone in GTAC to do so. Please see also: How is firmware downloaded to the ExtremeWireless Access Points?

  2. Download the Wireless Controller Image Version from the Firmware Library (see the last bullet below about downloading firmware)

  3. Use 7-Zip application to access AP firmware in controller image

  4. The AP image files are found in main controller image. Use the 7-Zip application to open  the following folders: normal.tgz>normal.tar>.>var>controller>images>ap

  5. Log into the AP via SSH (default account is admin/new2day) and type:

cset sshtimeout 0
  1. use tftp to upload AP image to AP with the following command:

image_upgrade <filename> <tftp server IP>

      5.  Reboot AP after firmware upgrade is complete

Additional notes
  • The AP is upgraded using a TFTP server (example: TFTP32d)
  • The 7-Zip Application is free and can be found on the web
  • This should not replace the normal process of upgrading from the controller. We typically want to limit access to the AP shell.
  • How to Download Firmware Files for Extreme Networks Products




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