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How to upgrade Netsight Suite or Extreme Management Center on linux appliances

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TitleHow to upgrade Netsight Suite or Extreme Management Center on linux appliances
How to upgrade Netsight, NAC, Purview, Extreme Control Center, Extreme Identity and Access or Extreme Analytics appliances.
  • Netsight Suite
  • Netsight NAC
  • Netsight Server
  • Netsight Purview
  • Extreme Managment Center
  • Extreme Identity and Access
  • Extreme Analytics
When performing upgrades the NetSight or Extreme Management Center appliance must be backed up and upgraded first. Upgrading all other appliances do not require an additional backup.
How to backup a Netsight Database using Console

1. Download the  software (.bin file) from
2. Use FTP, SCP, or a shared mount point, to copy the file to the /root directory on NetSight appliance (WinSCP and Filezilla client are easy to use shareware)
3. SSH to the appliance

4. Change the permissions on the upgrade file by entering the following command:
chmod 755 File_Name_<version>_install.bin
5. Run the install program by entering the following command:
6. The upgrade automatically begins and will return to the SSH prompt when completed
7. The upgrade will stop running services to perform the install, they will be restarted after completion and will take a few minutes to come back online.

8. You can them delete the .bin file, as it is no longer needed.
rm File_Name_<version>_install.bin
Additional notes
  • Note that once the .bin file is executed, the process takes the server offline until the upgrade is complete and services are restarted automatically. Please plan accordingly. 
  • When upgrading the Netsight/EMC Server, the NAC captive portal is not available for the NAC's during this time. It works in combination with the server. Normal MAC and 802.1x authentication will still work without the server online.



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