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How to Upgrade the Firmware of a Securestack, I-Series and G-Series Switches via TFTP

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TitleHow to Upgrade the Firmware of a Securestack, I-Series and G-Series Switches via TFTP
How to upgrade the Firmware of a Securestack,I-Series and G-Series Switches
  • Securestack
  • B5-Series
  • C5-Series
  • C3-Series
  • C2-Series
  • B3-Series
  • D2-Series
  • A4-Series
  • G-Series
  • I-Series
      1.  Install a TFTP Server on a windows machine such as TFTPD32 found here
      2.  Create a backup configuration file and copy to TFTP server:
show config outfile configs/filename.cfg
copy configs/filename.cfg tftp://<TFTP_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>/filename.cfg
      3.  If there is a backup image, this needs to be deleted first. Verify number of images by typing dir to list firmware images, and delete the one that is not Active:
Filename: b5-series_06.71.03.0025 (Active) (Boot)
Filename: b5-series_06.71.02.0008

delete b5-series_06.71.02.0008
      4.  Download the firmware zip file from your Extranet account and unzip the firmware image into the TFTP root directory
      5.  Copy the firmware to the switch:
copy tftp://<TFTP_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>/b5-series_06.71.05.0008 system:image
      6.  Set the new boot image and restart the switch, answering 'y' for yes at the prompt:
set boot system b5-series_06.71.05.0008
This command can optionally reset the system to boot the new image.
Do you want to reset now (y/n) [n]? y

Additional notes
  • Must use TFTP to transfer operating image file to switch, SFTP is not supported for operating image transfer.
  • Review the release notes for the image you are upgrading to.  Sometimes there is an incremental upgrade path that needs to be followed and will be highlighted within red text boxes in the release notes
  • Disable Windows firewall on tftp server. 
See also How to get access to Extranet for firmware and configuration guide downloads
For upgrade via Serial port use How to upgrade "SecureStack" switches via serial COM port?
From Hub article 5605, "Firmware Upgrading a SecureStack via TFTP or XModem".



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