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How to upgrade WiNG AP from controller image using WebGUI or CLI?

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TitleHow to upgrade WiNG AP from controller image using WebGUI or CLI?
How to upgrade APs from controller image bank?
  • ExtremeWiNG Controllers
  • WirelessWiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
  • WirelessWiNG Access Points
  • WiNG 5.5+ Software
Check available images using below command and see if there is firmware for required AP
VX# show device-upgrade versions
        CONTROLLER             DEVICE-TYPE                   VERSION
  VX                      ap621          
  VX                      ap622          
  VX                      ap650          
  VX                      ap6511                   none
  VX                      ap6521         
  VX                      ap6522         
  VX                      ap6532         
  VX                      ap6562         
  VX                      ap71xx         
  VX                      ap7502         
  VX                      ap7522         
  VX                      ap7532         
  VX                      ap7562         
  VX                      ap7602         
  VX                      ap7612         
  VX                      ap7622         
  VX                      ap7632         
  VX                      ap7662         
  VX                      ap81xx         
  VX                      ap82xx         
  VX                      ap8432         
  VX                      ap8533         
  VX                      nx45xx                   none
  VX                      nx5500                   none
  VX                      nx65xx                   none
  VX                      nx75xx                   none
  VX                      nx9000                   none
  VX                      rfs4000                  none
  VX                      rfs6000                  none
  VX                      rfs7000                  none
  VX                      vx9000                   none
Using WebGUI you check the same under Operations – find controller in System tree – Adopted Device Upgrade – Device Image File and see if there is image present.
User-added image

If there is image for AP you need, you may trigger upgrade using below command
VX# device-upgrade <AP NAME | PLATFORM> all
In progress ....
       CONTROLLER         STATUS                     MESSAGE
  00-0C-29-7C-DE-1F     Success     Number of devices added for upgrade: 1

or in WebGUI click Device Upgrade List, select APs you want to upgrade and press Upgrade Firmware
User-added image

Confirm the upgrade status via CLI using below commnad:
VX# show device-upgrade status

or in WebGUI under Upgrade status
User-added image

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