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How to upgrade a NetSight license for use with version 7

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TitleHow to upgrade a NetSight license for use with version 7
Upgrade NetSight licenses for version 6 and earlier to work with version 7.
  • Upgrading to NetSight version 7.0 and later
  • Existing version 6.x and earlier NetSight license
To Upgrade your license:

Go to You will need a valid contract for the NMS license in order to complete the upgrade and the current license key from the NMS server. 

How to copy NetSight license key when needed for 7x upgrade

Once you have received the new license apply it to the NetSight server in the tools --> Server Information --> Licenses tab

Additional notes
  • The grace period for a version 5.x or 6.x license working with version 7.x of Netsight is 90 days.
  • What goes into the license key field is the Activation Key (beginning "0001:") normally configured into NetSight.
  • You must have a valid NetSight contract in order for the regenerate process to work.
  • Only one NetSight (NMS) license needs to be upgraded per server system.  Other capacity, assessment, and NAC licenses will not need to be upgraded.
  • If the license has not been upgraded when or higher is installed the user will get notified every time they log into Extreme Control Center.
  • If none of the above is helping you, please contact the GTAC for further assistance. Click Link for methods to do so-> How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
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