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How to upgrade adopted APs from the virtual controller?

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TitleHow to upgrade adopted APs from the virtual controller?
Upgrading adopted APs with mismatched firmware via the virtual controller. 
  • AP75XX
  • AP75XXE
  • AP65XX
  • AP65XXE
  • WiNG 5.X
  • TFTP or FTP server. 
  • Latest Firmware
  • Client APs and virtual controller in same broadcast domain
  • All firewalls disabled on computer if using TFTP
  • Web browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox
Upgrade procedure (for this example we will be using the TFTP server)
  1. Load the image file into the tftp server's root directory
  2. Make sure all firewalls are off
  3. Make sure that the TFTP server interface shows the correct IP address of the computer It is installed on
  4. Log into the virtual controller via the web browser and go down to Configuration > Access points
  5. Select the virtual controller by checking the box to the left of the its name
  6. Click on the Tools menu and select Upgrade

User-added image

  1.  Select the TFTP radio button and enter the IP address of the TFTP  server and full image name (case sensitive):

User-added image

  1. Click on the Upgrade button at the bottom right hand corner of the page
  2. Check the status bar to make sure that the firmware was successfully loaded, then reboot the AP from the Tools menu

 User-added image

  1. Once the virtual controller is rebooted, the adopted APs should upgrade automatically. On some models the adopted APs will not automatically upgrade after the virtual controller has been upgraded and rebooted, in this case upgrade the virtual controller again by following steps 6 to 9. After the second virtual controller upgrade and reboot, the adopted APs should automatically upgrade. 
Additional notes
Upgrading the adopted APs from the virtual controller will not work if:
  • You are using local instead of remote upgrade
  • You are upgrading from CLI (Non-express units only)
  • You are using anything other than TFTP or FTP, i. e. HTTP



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