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How to upload an AP firmware image to a Wing controller

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TitleHow to upload an AP firmware image to a Wing controller
To upload an AP firmware image to a Wing controller
  • NX9xxx controllers
  • RFSxxxx controllers
  • VX9000 controller
  • AP7131
  • AP7131N
  • AP8132
  • AP82xx
  • AP8122
  • AP8163
  • AP75xx
  • AP76xx
  • AP5xx
  • AP4xx
  • AP3xx
  • Virtual Controller
  • SSH client such as Putty.exe
  • FTP or TFTP server running 
  • Firmware to be uploaded

1) Log in controller via SSH and at command prompt type;
#show device-upgrade version
Below screen shows AP7532 version as 'none' which means that particular AP image is currently not resident on the controller.

show device-upgrade version

2) Copy image file to TFTP/FTP home directory or Upload/Download directory in the case of 3CDaemon.

3) From controller CLI prompt, upload image file (AP7532- to controller.   
#device-upgrade load-image AP7532 tftp://
4) By default the controller will automatically upgrade AP7532. If auto upgrade is disabled then do manual upgrade as below;
#device-upgrade AP7532 all

Note - Below is a list of different options of upgrade.
WiNGCorp-7K-Pri#device-upgrade AP7532 all ?
  force             Force upgrade on all devices
  no-reboot         No reboot (manually reboot after the upgrade)
  reboot-time       Schedule a reboot time
  staggered-reboot  Reboot one at a time without network being hit
  upgrade-time      Schedule an upgrade time

5) To see upgrade status;
#show upgrade-status

End procedure.
Additional notes
  • Requires FTP / TFTP server running 
  • Procedure can be performed via CLI or GUI



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