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How to upload debug information to a TFTP server

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TitleHow to upload debug information to a TFTP server
Upload core dumps and other debug information to a TFTP server
Method 1 :
Type the command upload debug <TFTP_SERVER> {vr <VR_NAME>}

If no VR is specified, the switch will default to VR-Mgmt.
You will be asked if you want to run a show tech logto file first, if you do that the show tech information is logged to a file and also send in the upload debug tarfile
Upload debug will create for each slot 2 files, one *_I-<date>.tgz for the files in internal-memory and *_C_<date>.tgz for the files in the config directory.
See below for an example.
* X770-32q.4 # upload debug "VR-Default" 
Do you want to run show tech-support logto file first? (y/N) Yes
Upload debug cancelled. Please run show tech logto file now.
* X770-32q.5 # show tech all logto file 
show tech-support command output is logging into internal-memory
show tech-support command output file show_tech.log.gz is saved into internal-memory
* X770-32q.6 # upload debug "VR-Default" 
Do you want to run show tech-support logto file first? (y/N) No
The following files on have been uploaded:
Tarball Name: X770-32q_I_07250624.tgz
Tarball Name: X770-32q_C_07250625.tgz

Method 2:
1. Find the file name of the core dump via
ls /usr/local/tmp with the extension .gz

-> ls /usr/local/tmp
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root 0 49152 Apr 29 10:01 core.epm.1086.s-1.gz

2. Transfer the core dump to your workstation/server using TFTP.

 tftp put <TFTP_IP> /usr/local/tmp/<FILE_NAME>

Additional notes
In EXOS 15.4 and earlier, /usr/local/tmp was referred to as internal-memory. The TFTP put command would be tftp put <TFTP_IP> internal-memory <FILE_NAME>

The upload debug command will create two files on the TFTP server per slot, MM, or MSM. The naming convention for these files is below:

<SysName>_<{<slot #>|A|B}I|C>_<Current_Time>.tgz

Where current time is in the format mmddhhmm ( month(01-12), date(01-31), hour(0-24), minute(00-59) )

The 'I' file includes any files from
/usr/local/tmp (internal-memory). This includes core dumps, trace files, and a show tech, if logged to file.
The 'C' file includes the XML config file, as well as any policy files on the switch.

For example, upload debug from a standalone switch with the SysName 'X440-24t', taken on May 8 at 3:05 PM would produce the following two files:




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