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How to use Extreme Webshell from Extreme Management Center

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TitleHow to use Extreme Webshell from Extreme Management Center
Extreme Management Center version 8.x makes use of a built in Webshell that can be launched to Telnet or SSH into a device.
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Webshell
  • SSH 
  • Telnet
  • Netsight
  • Oneview
From Extreme Management Center
1. Select Network
2. Select Device
3. Select Devices Tab

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4. Select Device you want to use ExtremeShell and highlight with left click
5. Right Click on device and then select Device
6. Select Open Device Terminal
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7. The Shell/Terminal will then attempt to login to the device using the CLI credentials configured for the device.
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8. To Exit the shell, you will need to hit X on upper right.
Additional notes
To learn more about setting up CLI credentials for the device, if not configured correctly, see the following article
How to setup a Profile for SNMP and CLI credentials in Extreme Management Center

In 8.3, the Open Device Terminal is labeled as >_|  Terminal
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In 8.3, it is also possible to use the cut and paste feature to and from the WebShell Terminal.

How to cut and paste in webshell or terminal in 8.3
ctrl+shift+v   paste
ctrl+shift+c   copy

In 8.3, logging is possible
How to log Terminal or WebShell Sessions in Extreme Management Center




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