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How to use ZTP+ to replace a failed switch

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TitleHow to use ZTP+ to replace a failed switch
How to use ZTP+ to replace a failed switch
  • Zero Touch Provisioning Plus
  • 210 Series 
  • 220 Series
  • EXOS
  • ZTP+
  • Extreme Management Center V8.1.x
Before you start...
  1. The switch cannot have any configuration on it, it has to be 100% out of the box with NO CONSOLE cable attached to it
  2. DHCP should be configured on the network you are attaching the switch to
  3. Make sure your extremecontrol.<your domain> resolves to the IP of your Extreme Management Server (nslookup)
  4. Make sure you have a reference firmware defined on your Extreme Management Server that matches the switch you are going to RMA- How to set a reference image in Extreme Management Center
Basic Config:
  • Open and log into Extreme Managment Center 
  1. Select Network
  2. Select Devices
  3. Click on the Device to be replaced
  4. Select Devices then Configure Device
 User-added image
  1. Enter in your replacement Switch serial number
  2. Select the "Remove from Service" option (check mark) 
  3. Click save
  4. Remove the defective device from the network and connect the new one (replacement switch)
  5. Be patient as this will take some time to complete, once completed the device should show up green in Extreme Management Center
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Additional notes
See Also - How to do ZTP+ on the 200 Series Switch
Extreme Management Center - Administration-->Server-->Sever Log (with ZTP+ logging at Verbose) 
Message Indicator: 
"message" : "requesting device (1724N-43145) is an RMA replacement for existing device (1724N-43100)",
"timestamp" : "06/14/2018 09:32:09"



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