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How to use a Extreme Access Control (EAC/NAC) with a NMS License

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TitleHow to use a Extreme Access Control (EAC/NAC) with a NMS License
  • To bring a EAC/NAC online using a Netsight/Extreme Management Center license
  • To bring a EAC/NAC that is not authenticating and showing up orange online
  • EAC
  • NAC
  • Extreme Management Center
Once you have added the device to Extreme Management Center, you will see the icon is orange.
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Click on the Engine with the orange icon
Note that the Engine is not licensed.
Click on the update button under License
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Accept the agreement.
Click Continue
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In the below window to Update License, you may see Use Evaluation License, or Use Netsight Server license.
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Once the license has been used from the server, it should appear to have valid license.
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At this point, you should be able to enforce appliance, and then the device should be green.
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