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How to Upgrade Firmware on IdentiFi Wireless Controller

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TitleHow to Upgrade Firmware on IdentiFi Wireless Controller
How to Upgrade Firmware on an IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  • All Models
  • FTP Server
  • Thumb Drive
  • Web Browser
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Software Upgrade
  • High Availability
  1. Access Extranet account and download desired/latest image for your specific controller
  2. Verify if any step/staged upgrades are necessary, using release notes or Hub KB 15070
  3. If using a Thumb Drive please see note below
  4. Start FTP Server 
  5. Unzip image and put it in the home directory of the FTP Server
  6. Access controller through Web Browser https://<ip_address>:5825
  7. Using GUI, upload image(s)
  8. Click on the Controller tab (top of page task options), Software Maintenance (left side of screen),  EWC Software Tab, select Remote (bubble)
  9. Select protocol: type FTP or SCP
  10. Add Server IP address
  11. Add User ID
  12. Add Password
  13. Add password again under "Confirm"
  14. Add the directory or use ./ for the local directory defined on the FTP/SCP server
  15. Add File name image
  16. Click on Get Image Now
  17. Once completed,Click on Local option (bubble)
  18. If a rescue image is present, click on it, delete it and make sure the Backup System Image to:  local(bubble) is selected 
  19. Best practice before upgrade of the image is to backup the configuration to your FTP server or flash drive. How to save and restore backup files on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
  20. If a WDS Bridge is configured on the controller. Make sure AP upgrade behavior is set for Controlled Upgrade
  21. Click on the desired image and click Upgrade Now 
  22. Unit will advise you of a reboot and the approximate time the process will take
  23. Verify New Image is on the Controller
  24. Once the controller(s) finish upgrading an AP reboot will be needed to get the AP's on the new code
  25. If APs do not upgrade after rebooting them, see: APs not upgrading when rebooted
​See the following article for more information on how AP's are upgraded and when in High Availability Pair.  How is firmware downloaded to the IdentiFi Wireless Access Points?
If the upgrade caused any issues or introduced an issue the system can be recovered by going through the same upgrade process as above only this time you would select the Rescue Image that was created during the upgrade process. How to revert the controller image Using Rescue Image
Additional notes
If using an approved thumb drive - on Step 7 you will see an image listing in "Local" with an extension of "(flash)" - Jump to step 18 and continue the process
Approximate upgrade times may vary depending on size of configurations, average time is 15 mins but can be up to 60 min.

In a High availability pair when upgrading the Extreme Wireless Controller Local AP's will fail over to the back-up controller and show as Foreign. In order to upgrade the AP's they must be manually released back to the Primary/Local controller.  Check to see AP upgrade behavior settings under the AP menu/ Global  Controlled upgrade to manually upgrade AP's  Option 2 Always upgrade AP to default image (overrides Controlled Upgrade settings)  




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