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IdentiFi Wireless "How to Create Topology Group"

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TitleIdentiFi Wireless "How to Create Topology Group"
How to Create Topology Group
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Creating a Topology Group
A topology group is a list of topologies with a unique name and a VLAN ID of its own. A topology group’s name must be unique across topology groups and topologies since it can be used anywhere the topology name can be used. All the topologies in a defined group must have the same type. For example, if the topology group mode is Routed, it only contains Routed topologies. The maximum number of topology groups for all platforms is 32.
  1. From the top menu, click VNS. The Virtual Network Configuration screen displays.
  2. In the left pane, click Topologies . The Topologies tab displays.
  3. Click New Group. The Topology Group screen displays.
    Topology Group Screen
  4. Under Core, enter a name for the topology group.
  5. Under Mode, select a mode from the drop-down menu. Choices are Bridge Traffic Locally at controller and Routed.
  6. Under Layer 2, VLAN Setting, enter a VLAN ID (1-4094).
  7. Under Topologies, only the topologies of the group’s type are shown & eligible for inclusion. Select member topologies. A topology group must contain at least 1 topology.
  8. To add/delete a member topology from the topology group, click Edit under Topologies. Check/uncheck the left side box to add/remove the member topology.
  9. To delete a topology group, just select it and click Delete. When a topology group is deleted, only the group is deleted, not the topologies it contained.
  10. To delete a Topology Group, select the topology from the list of Topology Groups, and click Delete Selected.
  11. Click Save.
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