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Increasing Syslog data capacity on a Netsight Server on a Windows Platform

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TitleIncreasing Syslog data capacity on a Netsight Server on a Windows Platform
  • The default syslog settings for a Netsight Windows install is 10 1MB files.
  • We want to increase this capacity in some circumstances.
  • Netsight Server
  • Netsight Console
  • Windows Server

On the Windows Server, where the Netsight application itself is installed. we want to modify the file nssyslogd.cfg 
1. So navigate to 
~\Netsight\services directory

2.  you want to open the file nssyslogd.cfg 
The text file by default will look like the following. 
-logdir "<C:\Program Files\Enterasys Networks\NetSight\appdata\logs\syslogs>" -maxsize 1000000 -maxfiles 10
  • So in this regard, the -maxsize is 1000000 or 1MB and -maxfiles is 10 or 10 files of 1MB. 
  • One can alter this to be larger, say 10MB files, and maybe 90 files to get you to the three month window, if 10MB of syslog are generated in one day. Ensure you have adequate free hard drive space
-logdir "<C:\Program Files\Enterasys Networks\NetSight\appdata\logs\syslogs>" -maxsize 10000000 -maxfiles 90
3. Save the file once complete editing. 
4. Open Task Manager on the server 
5. Find the Netsight Syslog Service. 
6. Stop the Service, then Start the service. 
Additional notes
The file to define these on a linux platform is /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/services/nssnmptrapd.cfg

root@NetSight:/usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/services$ cat nssnmptrapd.cfg
-6 -O bs -n -p 162 -z /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/services -o /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/logs/traps -c /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/snmptrapd.conf -M /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata

Per the NetSight Help: 

These archive parameters can be changed by adding options to the beginning of the first line of the nssnmptrapd.cfg file located in the <install directory>\services directory. Add the -maxfiles option to set the maximum number of files and/or add the -maxsize option to set the maximum size of the file (maximum size allowed is 2 gigabytes). The following example shows the first line of the file with the -maxfiles option set to a maximum number of 15 files and the -maxsize option set for a maximum file size of 100 megabytes.

-maxfiles 15 -maxsize 100000000 -O bs -n -p 162 -z "C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\services" -o "C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\appdata\logs\traps" -c "C:\Program Files\ExtremeNetworks\NetSight\appdata\snmptrapd.conf" -M "C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\appdata\System\mibs;C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\appdata\System\mibs\MyMibs" -m SNMPv2-SMI;IF-MIB;all



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