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NAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Methodology for IP Resolution

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TitleNAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Methodology for IP Resolution
Determine why IP Resolution is failing.
All NAC platforms
1) In NAC Mgr right click on the appliance and select "WebView".
2) When the page comes up, click on "Diagnostics", then "Appliance/Server Diagnostics".
3) Set these (3) debugs below to Diagnostic Level:  "Verbose”:
•    DHCP
•    IP Resolution
•    SNMP

4). Scroll down in the web page and click “OK”.

5)  Delete a test End System from NAC Manager then reconnect the End System so it shows back up in NAC Manager.  
6) Leave the debug from step 3 running until you see that the value in the IP Address column in NAC Manager display incorrectly “and” an error generated in the State Description and Extended State columns indicating that IP Resolution failed. After this, go into the Webview as described in steps 1-4 and reset the debug values to default.

7)  In NAC Manager, locate the test End System from step 5 and export the End System “Events “ for this device to HTML format, per these instructions:
To export the End System Events, highlight the End System under the End Systems tab then in the middle “pane” (middle of the NAC Manager screen) under the “End System Events” tab highlight any event and right click on the event then select Table Tools, Export.  ***Please export to HTML format***  

8)  Open a case with GTAC and send in the /var/log/tag.log from the NAC appliance and the exported End System Events / HTML file from step 7.

9)  Provide GTAC with the MAC Address of the test End System.
10) Using the NAC WebView login to the NAC appliance be sure to reverse the steps for the enabled debugs and place them back to the defaults, Log4j File Override.

11)  Send in the NAC database:

In NAC Manager go to File, Database, Backup NAC Configuration. The backup file will be on the NetSight server in the path listed there.  Zip that and send it in to the GTAC case.
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