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NAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Methodology for Switch Port Information

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TitleNAC Troubleshooting Tips - Debug Methodology for Switch Port Information
Determine why switch port information in NAC Manager is not being displayed correctly
All NAC platforms

Before you begin below troubleshooting check if SNMP access from Netsight is working. In Netsight console click the switch where the client is attached to, open tab interface summary and hit the retrieve button. If no interfaces are shown here check SNMP connectivity and solve this first before continuing below.
In order to display the port NAC gets this information from the interface knowlegde of Netsight, if Netsight does not have the interface information NAC will not display the port information.

1) In NAC Mgr right click on the NAC appliance and select WebView. 
2) Login here then click on Diagnostics then Appliance/Server Diagnostics.
3) Set the Diagnostic Levels for the (3) debugs listed below to  “Verbose”:
Authentication Request Processing – NAC
Port Info

4) Scroll down to the lower left of the web page and click the “OK” button.
5) SSH into the NAC appliance and type:  tcpdump –i eth0 –s 0 –w radius.pcap host x.x.x.x and udp port 1812   (where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the switch to which your test client is attached).
6)  Disconnect/reconnect the End System and reproduce the issue you are reporting.  Test it with the above debug and trace going, then use ctrl-c to stop the tcpdump..
7)  Using WebView, set the debug Diagnostic Levels back to the default “Log4j File Override”.
8)  In NAC Manager, locate the test End System and export the End System “Events “ for this device:
To export the End System Events, highlight the End System under the End Systems tab then in the middle “pane” (middle of the NAC Manager screen) under the “End System Events” tab highlight any event and right click on the event then select Table Tools, Export.  ***Please export to HTML and CSV format (please do this twice)*** 
9)  Open a case with GTAC and send in the /var/log/tag.log and the /var/log/radius/radius.log from the NAC appliance as well as the exported End System Event file and the pcap from the tcpdump.
10)  Send in the NAC database:  In NAC Manager go to File, Database, Backup NAC Configuration. The backup file will be on the NetSight server in the path listed there.

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