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How to apply an Airdefense - ADSP license file via GUI

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TitleHow to apply an Airdefense - ADSP license file via GUI
How to apply an Airdefense - ADSP 9.x license file via GUI procedures 

How to apply license in AirDefense 10.x ?
  • Airdefense
  • ADSP
  • Version 9 
  • AirDefense Services Platform
  • WIPS
  • WIDS
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection
  • license
Follow these steps:

1. Login to ADSP appliance via the GUI > Open with Supported Browser:

Example: https:/ (where is the IP address of your ADSP appliance) (and 8543 is the default port ADSP uses for GUI access): 
  • default GUI login username = admin
  • default GUI login password = admin123
     Initial GUI login

2. Go To > Configuration > Appliance Platform > Appliance Licensing > ADD LICENSES 
     add licenses

3. Choose your license file (stored on local system, USB etc) and Select > Upload 

    choose license file

4. Message should disply "Install License Screen" - The licenses have been sucessfully installed - Select > Finish

     licenses sucessfully installed

5. The installed licenses should be displayed in GUI thereafter: Example Below:

    final install screen
Additional notes
The default GUI username and password previous to version 9.2.0 is:

GUI default admin username = admin
GUI default admin username = motorola 



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