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NetSight Maintenance Mode, How to Disable alarms

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TitleNetSight Maintenance Mode, How to Disable alarms
  • Disable NetSight email alerts
  • Disable alarms
  • Maintenance mode
  • NetSight
  • Email
  • Pull down NetSight's Tools menu
  • Select Alarm/Event
  • Select Alarms Manager
  • On the right side of the Alarms Manager screen, press Disable Alarms
  • Press Okay to the warning message pop up

From within Extreme Management Center:

1.  Start Extreme Management Center
2.  Select Alarm & Events > Alarm Configuration tab.
3.  Click the 'hamburger button' just to the right of the Delete button.
4.  Select the option 'Ignore Enabled Alarms.

To enable again repeat the above process but this time select 'Restore Enabled Alarms'
Additional notes
Disabling alarms will prevent any actions from occurring generated from the Alarms Manager.  Traps will still come in and devices will be red, green, or orange based on their status but not emails will be sent nor any other actions performed based on the alarm manager Actions tab



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