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Netsight: Importing a MIB into Netsight / XMC / Extreme Management Center

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TitleNetsight: Importing a MIB into Netsight / XMC / Extreme Management Center
The procedure to import a MIB into Netsight.
  • Netsight
  • Extreme Management Center​
  • XMC
  • Place the MIB into theMyMibs directory on the server.
Windows Server:  NetSight_Install_path/Extreme Networks/NetSight/appdata/System/mibs/MyMibs
Linux Server: /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/System/mibs/MyMibs
  • Now restart the server and then any NetSight clients that are running once the server restarts. This will bundle up the new MIB. When the clients restart they will pull that new bundle.
  • Once NetSight Console is started select Tools -> MIB Tools.
  • In the 'Find What' field about half way down on the left enter a MIB Object from the MIB that you were trying to import. Click on Find. This will confirm the MIB was imported properly, if you are taken to that location in the MIB Tree then the MIB was imported successfully.
Additional notes
Stopping and restarting Netsight Services from a linux server
cd /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/scripts



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