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Network Load Balancing ( NLB ) on the 7100 Platform

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TitleNetwork Load Balancing ( NLB ) on the 7100 Platform
This document will explain the configuration necessary on the 7100 Platform with respect to routing when Network Load Balancing (NLB) is desired.
The 7100 platform behaves slightly differently with regard to NLB than the N/S/K Series.

  • 7100-Series
  • TOR
  • All Firmware
  • NLB
The suggested configuration for our S-Series platform is to use the following:
  • A static arp entry to assign a multicast MAC address to the NLB IP destination address.
  • The “set mac multicast” command to scope a multicast address to a set of ports, note that for NLB, the servers typically reside on their own VLAN interface. As such, the port set is typically (though not required), on all ports of the VLAN that the servers reside.
On the 7100 platforms the “set mac multicast” command is only supported for switched frames (frames that ingress and egress on the same VLAN). As such it cannot be used to scope the multicast flooding on the 7100 between VLAN interfaces. Instead entries matching the multicast ARP entry will be flooded to all ports on the VLAN.

For this reason, in order to optimally support NLB on the 7100, the VLAN with the NLB servers should consist of only ports that are attached to the NLB servers, If other devices are on this vlan they will receive the multicast frames that are typically only desired to be seen by the NLB servers.

To configure NLB on the 7100 platforms:
  • The device must be configured to be in router1 mode which enables enhanced routing functionality, this is effected by the command :
Set limit resource_profile router1     N.B. (This will require a reset and will clear policy related configuration.)
  • The set of ports on the NLB Vlan should be restricted to only those port on which servers reside.
  • The static ARP entry with the source IP of the NLB server IP address and its associated multicast Mac address should be configured similarly to the S-Series platform.
  • The “set mac multicast” command recommended on the S-Series platform should not be configured.
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