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Notification of ExtremeCloud migration & Azara Cloud Service discontinuation - December 20, 2017

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TitleNotification of ExtremeCloud migration & Azara Cloud Service discontinuation - December 20, 2017
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Dear Azara Cloud Customers,

This is a follow on notification to the earlier announcement [dated November 2, 2017] on convergence of Azara Cloud with ExtremeCloud 4.11 and service discontinuation of Azara Cloud service.

ExtremeCloud is a wired and wireless cloud network management solution that scales and adapts to your business. It offers single pane of management for both wired and wireless infrastructure with advanced visibility and control over users and applications. In addition, it provides flexible APIs for easier system integration and automation. The new ExtremeCloud 4.11 convergence release provides you the unique capabilities of ExtremeCloud combined with the dependability and flexibility of WiNG wireless access points

Azara Cloud Service Portal will be discontinued by December 20th, 2017. You will no longer be able to access your account/setup from Azara portal after December 20, 2017.

1) Active customer accounts have been migrated or in the process of migration to ExtremeCloud. Those who have already migrated to ExtremeCloud and those notified about the upcoming migration of your account - no action needed on your side. Please consult Azara Migration FAQ and get familiarized with ExtremeCloud capabilities –

2) All other account owners:
• Accounts that are on customer lab-test/PoC – No automatic account migration. Please contact your Extreme Account Representative to create a new PoC account in ExtremeCloud
• Internal Account owners – please contact CloudPLM alias for internal PoC account setup.

3) If you have an active / purchased account in Azara and have not received notification on convergence / migration email, please contact your Extreme Account Representative or Extreme Partner with your Account information immediately.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Extreme Partner and/or Extreme Account Executive.

Best Regards,
Azara/ExtremeCloud Team
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