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ONA: How To Upgrade Standalone ONA 1101

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TitleONA: How To Upgrade Standalone ONA 1101
ONA: How To Upgrade Standalone ONA 1101

> Steps to Upgrade a standalone ONA (Open Networking Adapter to be used in Avaya Fabric Extend) .This method uses a PC to access the ONA’s Manual Configuration menu. 

1. From the user PC , Download the ONA software image from Avaya Support website i.e.

2. Connect the user PC to the RJ-45 port on the device side of the ONA.
3. Insert a paper clip into the reset switch. Press and hold the reset button before applying power to the ONA.
4. Connect the cable from the network switch to the Network side of the ONA for PoE power. If PoE power is unavailable, connect an external power adapter.
5. Continue pressing and holding the reset button until the Status LED cycles through a steady red/green/blue. Then release the reset button and the Status LED flashes a steady amber, which indicates that the Manual Configuration menu is running.
6. On the user PC, use a browser to connect to the ONA configuration menu with the address
7. Click Upgrade Software.
8. Select the software upgrade package that you want to upload.
9. Click Send to upload the image to the ONA. This may take up to few minutes.
10. Click Return to Configuration page.
11. Click Reboot into Operational Mode.
12. Disconnect the user PC

> To upgrade a deployed ONA , Please refer to the ONA Document (NN48800-400)

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