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Obtain a List of Serial Numbers, IP Addresses, and Firmware Versions of Extreme Networks Switches

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TitleObtain a List of Serial Numbers, IP Addresses, and Firmware Versions of Extreme Networks Switches
Use Extreme's Asset Discovery Tool to discover the IP address, serial number, and firmware version of Extreme Networks switches as an alternative to NetSight or another NMS.
  • Microsoft Windows
  • SNMP v1/2, v3
  • EXOS
  • EOS
  • ExtremeWireless (IdentiFi & WiNG)
The Asset Discovery Tool (ADT) makes it easy to obtain a list of Extreme Networks serial numbers in your network. This is very useful for checking on warranty and hardware maintenance status by providing the list to Extreme Networks. Simply run the tool with the proper SNMP credentials on a target range of IP addresses. This can be done using the “seed IP” method, or preferably the “IP range” method if the IP range(s) are known.

NOTE:  For customers with NetSight, it’s best to use Inventory Manager to retrieve serial numbers and device information instead of ADT.

For customers who don’t use NetSight, Asset Discovery Tool can be downloaded from the portal using the following link:

Once installed, please read the documentation in the Help -> Contents menu.  If you have further questions, check in with us on The Hub.  Here is an existing topic that could be helpful.
Additional notes
  • The latest ADT version is: 1.1.14

  • The Asset Discovery Tool requires a 32-bit Microsoft Visual C++ driver for MSVCR100.DLL. Here is the link to the Microsoft software that allows the ADT to be installed. 

  • For technical support, open a case with GTAC and they will route the case to the proper internal team for assistance, The Hub - Extreme Networks' support community - is also able to provide assistance.



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