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PartnerNet is Moving to the Extreme Portal

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TitlePartnerNet is Moving to the Extreme Portal
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PartnerNet is moving to the NEW Extreme Portal – July 12th!

As of July 12th, 2017, PartnerNet is moving to the new, unified Extreme Portal, combining the support portal for all Extreme products and solutions with the partner-specific programs, information, and functionalities of our partner portal. All partner specific information can be found under the “Partners” tab which is only available after you log in.
  • If you have logged into the Extreme Portal before (ie. Deal Reg, Not For Resale NFR, support) please continue to use your log in and password for the Extreme Portal.
  • If you have NOT logged into the Extreme Portal before, please try the Reset Password/Forgot Password option. Soon thereafter, you should receive an e-mail to reset your password.
  • If you do not receive the e-mail from the reset/forgot password process, please try creating a new account/log in for the Extreme Portal. 
  • If the steps above do not work properly, please contact to seek assistance getting your credentials for the Extreme Portal.
  • If you DO NOT SEE the tab “Partners” when you are logged in to the Extreme Portal - please contact
Additional notes
Extreme Networks Employees: for additional information / instructions please visit the Channels Homepage on The Source.



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