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Prioritizing ShoreTel Connect VoIP traffic on SecureStacks

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TitlePrioritizing ShoreTel Connect VoIP traffic on SecureStacks
Prioritize "ShoreTel Connect" traffic for Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • ShoreTel Connect
  • SecureStack
  • C5-Series, C3-Series, B5-Series, A4-Series
The later ShoreTel releases, including ShoreTel Connect, ensure that traffic is "self-marked" to either CS3 (DSCP 24, TOS 96) for Control traffic or EF (DSCP 46, TOS 184) for Voice traffic.

This sample configuration trusts TOS byte values, forwarding such marked packets as cos 5 (prioritized) but forwarding all other packets as cos 0 (standard).
Servicing of transmit queues uses Weighted Fair queueing of 75% in the medium queue 4 (for prioritized traffic) and 25% in the standard queue 1 (for unprioritized traffic), while allocating minimal service to the other transmit queues.

#cos state 
set cos state enable 
set policy profile 1 name "ShoreTel" cos-status enable cos 0 
set policy rule 1 iptos 96 mask 8 cos 5 
set policy rule 1 iptos 184 mask 8 cos 5
set policy port *.*.* 1
set port txq *.*.* 3 22 3 3 66 3
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