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How to redistribute a BGP default route into OSPF

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TitleHow to redistribute a BGP default route into OSPF
How to redistribute a BGP default route into OSPF
  • SLX-OS
  • SLX Series
  • BGP
  • OSPF
  1. Configure an IP prefix-list
    ip prefix-list prefix4-default seq 5 permit
  2. Create a route-map to permit the prefix in the prefix-list 
    route-map ospf-default permit 1
    match ip address prefix-list prefix4-default
    match protocol bgp external  // internal for iBGP or external for eBGP. 
    set metric assign 1
    set metric-type type-1  
    route-map ospf-default deny 100
  3. Redistribute BGP route into OSPF using the route-map filter
    router ospf
    default-information-originate route-map ospf-default
  4. Check if the default route with attribute is present in the OSPF area
    NetIron CER 2024F#sh ip ospf database external-link-state extensive
    Type-5 AS External Link States
    Index Age LS ID Router Netmask Metric Flag Fwd Address SyncState
    1 4 00000000 00000001 0000 Done
    LSA Header: age: 4, options: --------E-, seq-nbr: 0x80000001, length: 36
    TOS 0: metric_type: 1, metric: 1
    external_route_tag: 0
Additional notes
NB: The route map(match) protocol bgp requires the internal or external parameter to match the respected iBGP or eBGP routes respectively. No BGP route(s) will be redistributed if this parameter is not included.



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