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How to reserve memory allocation for V2110 Wireless Controller

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TitleHow to reserve memory allocation for V2110 Wireless Controller
How to allocate RAM in Vmware for your V2110 Wireless controller so the amount of memory you wish/desire to be available to the virtual host on which it runs, always has that full amount of memory available for the host.
Extreme Wireless Controller V2110
All firmware versions.
When configuring your V2110 Wireless controller, if you leave the default VMware RAM settings, Vmware will allocate memory to the virtual host you configure out of a dynamic pool of RAM resources that are shared across two or more hosts in the virtual environment (assuming there is more than just one created and in use).

This can result in less than the full amount you "set aside" for your V2110 to be available in a given moment if other hosts are currently drawing more than the amount you allocated for the V2110 plus what they need and are using.  (See also:  v2110 wireless controller may run out of memory when the vmware host memory is overcomitted).

In order to avoid this, when you initially build the V2110 controller, you may wish to do the following:
  1. Configure the desired memory for the virtual machine in the virtual machine properties, for example 2GB, this is the maximum memory that the virtual machine can claim.
  2. In the virtual machine properties, select the "resources" tab, then select "memory" from the list, ensure the slider for reservation is set to match the memory assigned in the virtual machine properties. 
Note that the above is based on ESXi 5.5 - other versions maybe different, please consult the vmware guides for information.
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