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Unified Search in the Extreme Portal

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TitleUnified Search in the Extreme Portal
How to use the unified search in the Extreme Portal to find answers to questions and solutions to issues.
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The unified search bar is available at the top of most pages on the Extreme Portal.

Unified Search on Extreme Portal
You can enter your search text here, up to 100 characters, and press enter or click the magnifying glass button User-added image.  

On the search page, you can filter by sources across the top and also on the left side as shown below:
Unified Search Page in the Extreme Portal


Each source will have it's own set of filters on the left side which are available to help you narrow your search results. You can also sort by Modified Date or by Relevance in the search results. The Portal source allows you to search Downloads in the Extreme Portal and your Cases.

Knowledge Base Source:
The Knowledge base source includes all the items that GTAC Engineers have written to assist customer and partners with questions and issues. The Knowledge Base source has filters for Article Type (Solution, How To, Q&A, etc) and also Software (ExtremeXOS, EOS, etc) as shown in the partial screenshot below:
Knowledge Filters in the Extreme Portal

Click on the title hyperlink in the results to view the item. Optionally, you can use quickview icon quickview icon to quickly preview the item without opening it.

Enhanced information is now available when viewing Knowledge articles in the Extreme Portal: 
Article Type, Article Number and Last Modified date.   
User-added image

Articles often contain links to other information as shown below. There is an open issue with these links please review Article Links in Extreme Portal Sometimes Show a Blank Page for details. Feedback can also be submitted for knowledge articles in the Extreme Portal by clicking the feedback option near the bottom of the article as shown below.  Sometimes articles will have additional resources listed under a heading of Related Articles.
User-added image
While viewing an article there are option to allow you to quickly Ask the Community or Create a Case about that topic. Also, you can email a link to the article to someone.  
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