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How to Set alerts on DHCPSnooping putting ports in D-Down state

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TitleHow to Set alerts on DHCPSnooping putting ports in D-Down state
How to Set Switch logging configuration and using NetSight Console to send DHCPSnooping email alerts.
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  • NetSight
1. Enable DHCPSnooping on the switch
            set dhcpsnooping enable
            set dhcpsnooping vlan <VLID> enable
            set dhcpsnooping log-invalid port <all ports> enable
            set dhcpsnooping trusted port <ISL port> enable

2. Set logging levels
            set logging application System level 5
            set logging default severity 5
            set logging server 1 ip-addr <NetSight IP> severity 5 descr ‘syslog server #1’ state enable

3. From NetSight Console, select Tools>Alarms/Events>Alarms Manager…
       User-added image
   In Alarms Manager seen above, select “New Alarm…” (top right button).
     User-added image
   Type the name of your alarm, DHCP Snooping
   Click OK to close the dialog box.

   The new alarm now shows as selected in the "Alarms Table" and the "Alarm Name" in the Alarms Manager window.
   Select "Warning" from the drop down options of Alarm Severity.
   Click "Enable Alarm" check box

   With the Criteria tab having the focus.
   Select the radio button “By Custom Criteria”
   Click “Edit Criteria…”

   From the "Edit Custom Alarm Criteria" window, click "Match on Information Text"
   Click "Edit List..."
   Enter "Error-Disable!!" without quotes.
   Click "Add to List"
   Click OK to close dialog box
   User-added image   
Select Error-Disable!! from the "Match Phrase" window.
   Click OK to save and close.

4. EMAIL alert.
   Select the “Actions” tab.
  User-added image
Click to select “Email”
Select email profile to send DHCPSnooping alarms.
Click “OK” at bottom right to save and close.
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