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Stacking setup involving X460-G2, X460-G1 and X440 switches

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TitleStacking setup involving X460-G2, X460-G1 and X440 switches
A new stacking setup involving a brand new Summit-X460-G2-48t and 2 Summit X460-G1's and 2 X440's is not complete.  

The EXOS versions and license levels on switches are found to be the same. 
Summit series

The newer X460-G2 uses a different module when compared to the X460-g1's and X440's. Whereas the G1 switches used the traditional Summit stack module, the G2 uses a 'Summit X460-G2-VIM-2ss module'. 
1. Please run the command 'show stacking' on the G1 switches and you will notice that the G2's MAC address is not present. 
2. The stacking protocol by default on the G2 is enhanced, whereas on the G1 by default it is standard. 
3. Run the command 'configure stacking protocol enhanced' on the G1 switches and reboot.
4. Run the command 'enabled stacking-support' on the X460-G2. 
5. Post a reboot, the X460-G2 will join the stack and the link lights on the switch for stacking came up.  
6. Then run the command - enable stacking easy-setup on the switch which is lesser capable than the G2. .  
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