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Submit an RMA Case on the Extreme Portal

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TitleSubmit an RMA Case on the Extreme Portal
Request a Hardware Replacement: Return Material Authorization (RMA)

From the Support Home page, select Case Management
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To create a new Case click Create
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Select Support Case Type:  Request a Hardware Replacement
Select Product Family
Briefly describe your case.  Enter
additional information in the Description.

Note: Required fields *
Review Suggested articles for solutions or next steps. 
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On the Product tab select one of the radio buttons. Enter the Serial Number. Don't Have a Serial Number, go back to the Start tab and select another option from Support Case Type.   Review Suggested articles to assist in finding serial numbers. 
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The Service Level tab allows the review and confirmation of the Maintenance Agreement data and Product Warranty data. Select the appropriate radio button. If incorrect is selected, add additional information. Press Next to proceed. 
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Below is an example of a serial number where the maintenance  agreement and/or product warranty was not found. Check the shipping address and change if needed.  
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Review Suggested articles and proceed by saving a draft  or pressing Next. 
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On the Details tab, enter Case Priority, Customer Ref # and Device Name if applicable.  Using the drop down selections, choose the Product Group and Product Series.  

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Continuing with the Details tab, the Software/Firmware version field and Symptom Reason are required. Enter Product Failure Reason, add other comments and add a collaborator for this request if needed.  Save Draft or proceed with Next.  
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On the Submit tab, review the case information, add additional serial numbers and press Submit
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Submit when ready. 
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Confirmed Case Name, number, status and priority.
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Note: Request Management Review, Request to Close, Comments and Additional Options are immediately available.  

When you return to Case Management, identify open cases or go to draft case to complete and submit draft cases.  Manage your case on the portal by selecting the case. Enter comments, add attachments and additional collaborators as needed.  Attached Articles will display on your case screen if the GTAC engineer uses or suggests an article to answer your question or resolve the issue.  

Additional notes
Please see Article 8729 for details on How to Create a Case via New Portal



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