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Subscription Licensing in NetSight Extreme Management Center

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TitleSubscription Licensing in NetSight Extreme Management Center
  • How to apply or interpret Subscription Licensing in NetSight Extreme Management Control
  • Understand how Subscription licensing works
  • Interpret errors and how they might relate to subscription licensing
  • NetSight
  • Extreme Management Control
  • Identifi
  • Wireless Controller
  • Licensing
  1. Obtain a subscription license entitlement.  Details on subscription license content can be found here: ExtremeManagement Suite Subscription Licensing FAQs
  2. Redeem it as you would any entitlement per this link:How to redeem NetSight license entitlement
  3. Apply the license to NetSight/Extreme Management Center per this link:How To Apply A Redeemed Netsight License Key
Once applied, the back office component that checks this in the background will update the license on a monthly basis so it will change from the original license applied.

The EWC must be managed within Extreme Management Center to make sure licensing is pushed by the Extreme Management Center that holds the subscription license down to the controller.

Links of interest:
Additional notes
A single subscription license is applied and is in the format 0001:27001.

Once applied, the license opens up use of NetSight, EWC AP capacity, and Radar so only one license is applied.  Here's how it works:
  • For the current SW subscription license the AP capacity and Radar is unlocked by Extreme Management Center.  A customer buys the device capacity they desire via separate SKUs as described in the FAQ doc as found in step one of the procedures section of this KCS.
  • The Extreme Management Center server reports device counts which include the number of APs via usage data back to Extreme Networks via a Web Services interface (Extreme Management Center server internet access required).  
  • The customer will be billed for their device count overages(includes APs as devices) when the Extreme back office billing validates a customer usage to contract. 
  • Billing will be validated at least monthly.
  • Ensure the SW Subscription license is active and that the Extreme Management Center server has access to the internet to communicate with Extreme Networks via a Web Service call. 
  • The license level applied for a 27001 should be as follows:
    Full ExtremeManagement with NMS-ADV
    Unrestricted ExtremeControl Identity and Access End-System licenses
    Unrestricted for ExtremeAnalytics Flow licenses
    Full AP license capacity upgrades and unrestricted RADAR licenses on ExtremeWireless controllers
    Service & Support for included items (ExtremeManagement, Control, Analytics, and RADAR)
    Does not include Identity and Access Posture Assessment
    Does not include ExtremeCloud




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